Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hollinger's Incorruptible as a Live Play

On Wednesday, I went to the opening of Incorruptible. While waiting for the performance to begin, the audience has a chance to examine the setting. The set was very simple, but definitely conveyed the idea of being in a monastery, without giving much away. When the play begins, it follows the play very closely with only a few minor changes.

The monks surrounding Jack to question him.*
The costuming was done very well as most of the characters were in robes and habits. However, Jack, Marie, and the peasant woman's costuming was chosen with the modesty of 1250 in mind. After Jack becomes a monk, he continues to wear pants which differs from the other monks, but needed in several scenes. Another interesting point to mention is that Martin and Charles had shaved their heads to make it look more authentic.

Jack, Olf, and Charles at the end of the play when Jack's eyesight is restored.*
The casting choice was exceptional as they all seemed to be into their parts. Olf definitely acted just as he reads in the script. Dakotah Myers, who plays Martin, really got into character and was a stand-out. He knew all of his lines and had the sneaky, money-loving characterization of Martin. Rustin Myers wasn't quite as believable as Dakotah. He pulled himself from immersing fully into the role. Jack was also removed from the play and seemed like he was acting at his part. Agatha, played by Mykaela Hopps, was another really good casting choice. The highness of her voice added to the insanity of her character.

The fighting over Marie when Charles and Agatha believed her to be an incorruptible was not quite as funny as I imagined it would be. Instead of actually fighting over her, which would have been difficult, they just slid her back and forth across the altar. Another point that I didn't really like was when Olf first enters with the Jew. The characters didn't treat the burlap sack like it actually contained a person. Other than that, the play was just as hilarious to watch as it was to read. I also really enjoyed hearing the audience respond to the humor in the play. SVSU did an excellent job with Hollinger's Incorruptible.

* All images obtained from Google Image Search as I wasn't sure that cameras were allowed.

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